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미국 사회에서는 하버드 익스텐션 출신이 하버드 칼리지 졸업했다고 사칭하는 것은 범죄처럼 인식되고 있다
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You can always tell a Harvard man - But not with the Harvard Extension School

Hiring Tips for Managers by Burleson Consulting

December 29, 2009
I recently finished interviewing a job candidate who listed his degree from "Harvard University" plus a graduate degree from MIT. I have interviewed many Ivy League graduates, and like most employers, we know that these scholars represent the finest minds in the world, overcoming intense competition to gain acceptable to schools like Harvard College.
This man presented himself poorly, and was not nearly as brilliant a person as I expected. My first reaction was "alumni admission", but that was not the case here.
The old saying goes "You can always tell a Harvard Man (But you can't tell him much)!", and Harvard College remains one of the world's most prestigious colleges, largely because of their selective enrollment process.
Traditionally, employers have used the Ivies as a screening tool, knowing that the top tier universities have some of the highest academic standards in the world. Employers rewards those job candidates who have worked hard to gain acceptance into prestigious academic institutions.
But I learned that not all Harvard degrees are created equal. The Harvard Extension school has an open enrollment policy, with none of the academic screening and competition of the "real" Harvard College program. That's fine, but the problem is that this applicant did not mention the "extension school" on his resume, and wanted me to believe that he was a graduate of Harvard College.
While I'm sure that the Harvard Extension School is a fine institution, it's deceptive of their graduates to suggest that they have earned a place among Pulitzer Prize winners and Presidents.
A quick internet search reveals that this resume fraud is a real problem, with marginal scholars touting their affiliations with Harvard University and MIT in hopes of fooling naive employers.
We have learned the hard way that not all Harvard, MIT and Cornell graduates are created equal.

Resume deception should be a crime

All across America, HR departments struggle with resume deception and fraud, largely because unscrupulous applicants know that there is no risk, it's all perfectly legal to lie about your academic achievements.
I can understand why somebody would be proud to have been selected to attend Harvard where tens of thousands of kids from all over the world compete to earn admission into this most prestigious institution. While I have never met a graduate of Harvard College was was not brilliant, I've met more than a few marginal scholars from the Harvard Extension School, and the only reason I encountered them was because they deliberately failed to note that they were affiliated only with the Harvard extension school program.
I met one Harvard Extension certificate holder who was functionally illiterate, I kid you not, she could barely read and write . . . She is quite proud of her Harvard certificate and advertised her affiliation as "Harvard trained" in her newspaper advertisements.
Of course, people instantly recognize that she has elementary school literacy skills and most folks feel ripped-off after wasting their time contacting this poser.

Not all Harvard degrees are equal

There is nothing wrong with getting these certificates (the Harvard Extension use the same professors as Harvard College), but it's a real fraud for Harvard Extension graduates to misrepresent themselves as Harvard College graduates.
  • The Harvard extension school is an open-enrollment night school which issues bachelors degrees, with none of the competition and selectivity that distinguishes Harvard College as a prestigious institution.
  • Unlike Harvard College, the Harvard Extension school does not require stellar SAT scores nor valedictorian-level academics.
  • Harvard Extension School credits are not transferrable to Harvard College, and it's next to impossible for a Harvard Extension School student to transfer into Harvard College.
Sadly, these ordinary extension students even get a Harvard e-mail address, further allowing them to pretend that they were accepted to Harvard College.
Many of these Harvard e-mail addresses to try to mislead prospective employers ("I'm a Harvard man"), and sadly there are some employers who believe that these fellows underwent the same super-selective screening process as Harvard College students.
However, some employers don't care that Harvard Extension degrees are not as worthy as the real-deal Harvard because they want to deceive their customer.
It's very prestigious for a corporation to advertise that they have "Harvard educated" employees on their payroll. Personally, it makes Harvard look bad and it also deceives the general public who believe that being accepted to Harvard takes years of hard work.

Deception with MIT certificates

This problem is not unique to Harvard and unscrupulous job seekers will be deceptive about any prestigious schools that offer "extension" programs, like MIT and Cornell.
I had one scumbag tell me "I attended MIT" in an interview, when he hadn't completed any of the rigorous qualifications required for regular entry into the MIT undergraduate program. This poser didn't even have a college degree! Instead, he had earned an "MIT Sloan - Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership" without even having a degree, and he felt that this workshop entitled him to say that he had attended MIT!
The easiest way to tell a "fake" MIT certificate holder is to ask to see their "Brass Rat" (The MIT class ring), which is only awarded to real MIT students. Most MIT posers will not know what you mean when you say "Brass Rat".

MIT posers will not know that the school ring is called a "brass rat"

Ivy posers are out of their league
This problem of Ivy League posers is that they waste time and cost money, as HR professionals waste time and money on interviews and background checks from job applications whowant you to believe that they are Ivy league graduates.
This type of misrepresentation shows the sad trend that some people are dishonest and deceptive. I had one Harvard Extension student lie to be at a job interview, saying that the Extension had rigorous admission standards that were comparable to Harvard College. It just ain't so. . .

Hiring Managers - Accept no substitutes

Again, there is nothing wrong with these extension programs per se, just be forewarned that not all Ivy league degrees are created equal.
I'm sure that there are exceptional graduates of the extension schools, and my note here only serve as warnings to fellow managers against the "bad apples" who misrepresent their Ivy league affiliation to deceive employers.
Of course, not everyone agrees.
Please see below, where some students of the extension school have sent notes reiterating that they are just as good as graduates of Harvard College. This reader feedback speaks volumes about the selectivity of the Harvard Extension School and the quality of their students. Judge for yourself . . .


                       하버드 출신이라고 말하는 것은 좋은데,
                       하버드 익스텐션을 나왔다면 다른 문제다

미국의 어느 컨설팅 관계자가 매니저를 채용할 때 참고해야 할 내용을 조언하고 있다.

최근 나는 한 사람을 채용하기 위해 인터뷰를 끝냈는데, 그는 자신이 하버드 대학과 MIT 대학원에서 학위를 땄음을 밝히고 있었다. 나는 아이비리그 출신 졸업생들을 많이 인터뷰해 봤는데, 그들은 하버드 칼리지와 같은 학교에 합격하기 위해 엄청난 경쟁을 거친 세계 최고의 학생들이다. 그런데 이 사람(내가 인터뷰한)은 자신을 제대로 소개하지 못하고 내가 기대한 만큼의 명석함을 보여주지 못했다.

하버드 칼리지는 엄격한 입학과정으로 인해 세계에서 가장 우수한 대학 중에 하나로 자리잡고 있다. 일반적으로 고용자들은 아이비리그 출신이라는 것을 일종의 심사기준으로 삼는다. 그것은 세계 최정상에 있는 이 대학들은 가장 높은 학문적 수준을 갖추고 있기 때문이다.

그런데 하버드라고 해서 모든 학위가 다 같은 것은 아니다. 하버드 익스텐션 스쿨은 개방적인 입학정책을 취하고 있기 때문에 "진짜" 하버드 칼리지 프로그램이 제공하는 학문적 경쟁력과 심사기준을 갖고 있지 못하다. 이것 자체가 문제가 되는 것은 아니다. 문제가 되는 것은 (내가 언급한) 이 지원자가 자신의 이력서에 "익스텐션 스쿨"이라고 적지 않았고, 그가 하버드 칼리지를 졸업했다고 내가 믿기를 바랬다는 것이다.

이력을 속이는 것은 범죄이다.

미국 전역에서 인사부서에서 일하는 사람들은 거짓 이력서 문제로 골치를 앓는다. 보통 부도덕한 지원자들이 이력서를 조금 변조해도 위험은 없어 보이며, 학력에 거짓말을 보태도 법적으로 전혀 걸리지 않는다고 보고 있기 때문이다. 나는 왜 사람들이 하버드에 뽑힌 것을 자랑스러워 하는지 이해할 수 있다. 그들은 최고의 교육기관에 들어가기 위해 전 세계에서 수많은 젊은이들과의 경쟁을 거쳤기 때문이다. 내가 만나본 하버드 칼리지 졸업생 중에 명석하지 않은 사람은 한 명도 없었다. 나는 하버드 익스텐션 스쿨 출신자들도 여러 명 만난 적이 있는데, 그들은 고의로 하버드 익스텐션 스쿨 출신이라는 것을 밝히지 않았다. 나는 한번은 어떤 하버드 익스텐션 자격증 소지자를 만났는데 거의 문맹에 가까운 사람이었다. 여러분에게 농담하는 게 아니다. 그녀는 거의 읽지도 못하고 쓰지도 못했다. 그런데 그녀는 하버드 자격증에 대해 꽤 자랑스러워 했고 자신의 신문 광고에 "하버드 수학"이라고 광고를 냈다.

하버드 학위라고 해서 다 같은 것은 아니다.

하버드 익스텐션 스쿨의 증서를 얻는 것이 잘못된 것이 아니다. 하버드 익스텐션은 하버드 칼리지와 같은 교수들이 가르친다. 진짜 사기행위와 같은 것은 하버드 익스텐션 졸업생이 하버드 칼리지 졸업생 행세를 하는 것이다.

- 하버드 익스텐션 스쿨은 학위를 제공하지만 자유롭게 입학이 가능한 야간학교이며 선발을 위한 어떤 경쟁도 없다. 이 점이 최고의 교육기관인 하버드 칼리지와 다른 점이다.

- 하버드 칼리지와 달리 하버드 익스텐션 스쿨은 최상위권의 SAT 점수나 전교수석 수준의 학업실력을 요구하지 않는다.

- 하버드 익스텐션 스쿨의 학점은 하버드 칼리지로 교환될 수 없다. 하버드 익스텐션 스쿨 학생이 하버드 칼리지로 편입하는 것도 거의 불가능하다.


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